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...Moreover I forgot to add, he would crack out in hives and acute rash if he were being for being discovered as "an ex member" of indymedia!

Αν ο Αχιλλέας σήμερα μου στερήσει τη ζωή, η τελευταία μου πνοή θαναι για σένα και την αγάπη μας...

δεν μπορείς αγαπητέ πέτρο να μιλάς για εναλλακτικό λόγο όταν μιλάς για νεοοθωμανισμούς ελληνισμούς κράτη έθνη κλπ

Additionally, in Athens IMC we're getting several mails from men and women residing in cyprus, people who find themselves involved with the movements, complaining about the specific situation in Cyprus IMC.

Live-streaming a marshland for fun - and science A guarded marshland is wired with sensors, cameras and microphones to create a Digital reality environment influenced by character's rhythms

Substantial court docket declines to extend halt to local climate transform lawsuit The Supreme Court is declining for now to extend a halt to the lawsuit submitted by youthful activists who say The federal government is not accomplishing plenty of to circumvent...

One more posting cited by our accusers website to "verify" the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective supposedly "supports and idenfities with the nationalists about deportation of immigrants" is this one particular:

Εν ο νους σου τζιαι μια λίρα πως άμαν έσιεις εθνική ταυτότητα είσαι εθνικιστής. Μπορείς μορφωμένε μου να έσιεις εθνική ταυτότητα τζιαι αγάπη άπειρη τζιαι κατανόηση για ούλλα τα πλάσματα του κόσμου.

Facebook is where folks connect, and in recent years more individuals have been working with Facebook to connect in yet another way: getting and promoting with one another.

Its been greater than a yr that some political activists from cyprus have attended the assembly of your editorial group of Athens IMC and educated us about the specific situation in cyprus.indymedia.

Εκτιμώ αφάνταστα την παρουσία σου μέσα στους κόλπους της εναλλακτικής κοινότητας και τις ατέλειωτες ώρες ανιδιοτελούς εργασίας που έχεις παρέχει σε πολλά και ποικίλα επίπεδα. Ήταν μεγάλη μου χαρά η συνεργασία μαζί σου εδώ:

Falsifying the translations of our content is really an insult on the accusers possess intelligence, and also to anyone who may possibly consider them.

δεν ξέρω ποιος είσαι ουζάλα αλλά δυστυχώς το επίπεδο του "πολιτκού" σου λόγου έχει πιάσει πάτο

The short article begins with a photo from Avenue protest graffiti that says: "Shit within the Fascists". It goes on to examine the connections of a fascist-leaning Firm in Cyprus with recognised fascist organizations in Europe, confirming that they're a very risky sort.

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